Case Conceptualization (step-by-step model)

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Collaborative Case Conceptualization: Step-by-Step Model

When clients come to therapy with a single psychological difficulty, there is often a clear-cut, evidence-based treatment approach to follow. But what is a therapist to do when this is not the case? What treatment protocol(s) should be used?

Padesky presents a step-by-step model of collaborative case conceptualization to guide therapists’ treatment planning, derived from her book Collaborative Case Conceptualization (Kuyken, Padesky & Dudley, Guilford Press, 2009).

She demonstrates the three guiding principles of this new approach:

(1) Engage clients to collaboratively co-create conceptualization models that explain presenting issues. Padesky reviews why it is important for clients to help construct their conceptualizations and shows how this collaborative process resolves common treatment challenges.

(2) Conceptualization evolves over the course of therapy from descriptive to explanatory models. Learn simple interview methods that help clients co-develop models to understand presenting issues, their triggers, and what maintains them.

(3) Client strengths can easily be incorporated into conceptualizations. Doing so helps clients build resilience as they resolve their distress.

Aaron T. Beck calls this new approach “a gold standard for how to develop individualized case conceptualizations.”

This audio program was professionally recorded on location and edited for clarity and content. Attendees questions have been condensed for ease of listening.

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