Guided Discovery - Leading and Following

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Clinical workshop with 13 page PDF handout and 15 MP3 audio tracks. Featuring Christine A. Padesky, PhD. Audio only.

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Guided Discovery: Leading & Following

Many therapists embrace the philosophy of guided discovery yet are uncertain how to proceed and sometimes confused about what it is. In this clinically oriented cognitive behavior therapy training workshop, Padesky differentiates the term Socratic Questioning from Socratic Dialogue and points out that the key is not clever questioning but rather an interactive dialogue that produces client discovery and understanding.

Hear live clinical demonstrations of the interactive 4 stage process of Socratic Dialogue. Padesky shows how the four stages help clients and therapists develop essential qualities necessary for effective learning: curiosity, neutrality, risk taking and a keen interest in the unexpected.

Padesky conducts extended live clinical demonstrations which include “on-the-spot” commentary on what can be learned when guided discovery does not lead to a change in beliefs.

Guidelines are provided for the types and varieties of questions to ask as well as the rationale for and importance of written summaries.

Padesky clarifies and reviews the 3 levels of thought cognitive behavior therapists use and then identifies the specific Guided Discovery methods best fitted for each. Socratic Dialogue is only one form of Guided Discovery. Padesky also describes other forms of Guided Discovery such as the 7-column thought record, role plays, imagery, behavioral experiments, the continuum, and core belief logs. The theory and practice of these methods are illustrated through clinical examples.

The workshop concludes with a review of deconstructive versus constructive language, applications and differences.

Learn how to ask relevant questions and then follow what your client says in a back and forth guided discovery process.

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1 PDF and 3 ZIP