NEW Underlying Assumptions & BEs

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NEW Underlying Assumptions and Behavioral Experiments

CBT Clinical Demonstration with Christine A. Padesky, PhD. Full Color MP4 video / Run Time 55 minutes.

This video illustrates how to identify NEW underlying assumptions and set up behavioral experiments based on the NEW assumptions. As in her other clinical demonstration videos, Dr. Padesky models a collaborative approach that promotes client curiosity, activity, and creativity.

Dr. Padesky begins with a brief description of automatic thoughts, underlying assumptions, and core beliefs. She explains why recurrent problems are often best solved at the underlying assumption level.

Bob is a therapist struggling with ongoing procrastination regarding completion of case formulations at his clinic.

The session begins with a review of the underlying assumptions, identified prior to this interview, that maintain his procrastination. Together, Dr. Padesky and Bob specify his goals for change and identify NEW underlying assumptions that would support these changes. Next, in collaboration with the therapist, Bob devises behavioral experiments to evaluate the utility of these NEW underlying assumptions. He makes specific predictions and identifies potential problems that need to be managed during his experiments. Dr. Padesky and Bob dialogue about the relative benefits of testing OLD and/or NEW beliefs.

Follow-up summaries of Bob's behavioral experiments are included in a pdf document.

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